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Back to the Basics: Ls Cam Swap
Ever wondered how to install an aftermarket camshaft into a GM LS motor? In this newest installment from Back To Basics, host Richard Holdner takes us through every critical step of the process not only for beginners but also for skilled enthusiast wanting to get back to basics. 

 Quick Tech: Proper Valve Spring Set Up
COMP Cams Valve Spring Engineer, Brad Brown, takes us through the basic yet extremely important steps in ensuring you have your valve springs set up properly.

Back to the Basics: Pushrods 
Back To Basics is a brand new series bringing quick tech and installation videos to the automotive enthusiast.
 Hydraulic Roller Lifters 101
In our newest video, host Lauren Rosado explains the basic of hydraulic roller lifter prep and installation. As well as covering some of the misconceptions of lifter noise, she also gives us some basic troubleshooting tips to reduce excessive valve train noise.

Quick Tech Video: Selecting The Correct Fuel Pump Pushrod
Selecting the correct fuel pump pushrod to match your new cam or high pressure fuel pump is an important but often overlooked process. Watch this video to see how to quickly and easily match your cam and fuel pump pushrod materials in order to protect your engine and new camshaft.


How It's Made: COMP Cams® Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Watch a pair of COMP Cams® Hydraulic Roller Lifters get manufactured from beginning to end. The completed lifter may appear simple from the outside, but this video shows the amount of engineering that it takes to build the finest hydraulic roller lifter available today

Driven Carb Defender Technology Explained

This video takes a closer look at the technology that separates Driven Carb Defender from all other Ethanol fuel additives on the market. Carb Defender is specially formulated for the anti-corrosion needs of carbureted engines.

The Latest Technology In High Performance Engine Oil Explained Video

For more than a decade, Driven Racing Oil has been a respected leader in lubricant technology. As a result of its technology leader status in the marketplace, Driven has released a brand new series of videos that will be of interest to engine builders, racers and consumers.In “The Latest Technology In High Performance Engine Oil Explained,” Lake Speed, Jr., General Manager and Certified Lubrication Specialist, talks about the recent technology developments that have allowed Driven to build application specific high performance oils that better meet the needs of today’s customers.

Viscosity 101 Tech Video

The latest video from Driven Racing Oil™ is designed to the help the viewer understand oil viscosity and its relationship to their engine – which in turn unlocks the ability to improve fuel economy, reduce wear and increase horsepower.

History of Mickey Thompson
History of Mickey Thompson (Narrated by Danny Thompson)

 Quick Fuel Technology Product Overview