Engine Machining

High Performance Machine Shop... High Performance Results...

  • Crankshaft Balancing 
  • Blue Printing 
  • Custom Engine Machining & Rebuilding
  • Align Honing
  • Block Truing 
  • Block Boring
  • Torque Plate Honing
  • Custom Cylinder Head Work 
  • Custom Head and Intake Porting 
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Magnafluxing & Sonic Testing 
  • Rod Resizing 
  • Flywheel Resurfacing
  • Cylinder Sleeving
A superior product can be measured in many ways, whether it be increased torque and horsepower or even durability. Precise and accurate maching is the foundation for every build. 

                We  Use: 


Our Sunnen DCB-2000 Balancer
We Balance to a .10th of a gram

The Rottler S7M Surfacer
 Highly Accurate Surfacing / Decking

The Sunnen CV-616 Hone
Reliable Quality Honing

Our Kwik-Way SVS-D Valve Grinder
Easy To Use Quality Grind