SuperFlow SF-902 Engine Dynamometer

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Our in-store dyno is very well used...We know what works first hand!

A Kaase Hemi Headed Big Block Ford on the Dyno! 


                                                                                                                Why Dyno My Engine?

                                                                            1.) There are better reasons to dyno test than just to get a horsepower 
                                                                              number to brag (or be embarrassed) about. So what are they? 
                                                                                 - To get a accurate read out of horsepower and torque numbers.
                                                                                 - A computerized engine dynamometer can accurately measure
                                                                                torque and rpm and then you can accurately calculate horsepower.
                                                                                         This can show you the gains per change in your combo.

                                                                   How are accurate horsepower and torque numbers used? 

2.) Knowing the horsepower and torque gives the engine dyno operator or 
                                                                         engine tuner a solid basis for making changes in the engine's tuning or to the
                                                                         engine itself. This is simple. If horsepower and torque go up the change was 
                                                       Likely correct, if they go down the change was probably incorrect. 

                                                            Dyno Break In

                                                                 3.) A dyno is an Ideal place for a engines first run, Our qualified dynamometer 
                                                                         technician monitors the engines break in process, in controlled conditions to 
                          ensure the engines maximized performance.

                                                                    Engine Dyno Readings 
                                                        4.) In every dyno session, a recording of all test results are displayed for
                                                              the techanician and customer to diagnose. Things like air fuel ratios, 
                                                               Torque, Horsepower, ect.. During each dyno pull a sheet is produced
                                                         showing the results of the dyno run. After the completed session,
                                                               there is a full booklet of detailed information that is collected during your time.

  Does Dyno testing wear out my motor? 

Dyno testing does not put any more load on the motor than having your car
                                                                           set on full throttle on the track or street. Each Dyno pull is around 10-20 seconds.