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We are a full service speed shop with over 30 years of experience. We are family owned and operated. We specialize in Muscle Cars, Street Rods, Late Model Performance, Drag and Offroad vehicles. With such a wide array of services offered we take a very personal approach to each customers individual needs. We guarantee our customer satisfaction through individual consultation and we work hard to meet all your horsepower and performance needs. We carry the highest quality in performance parts and accessories for your ride. We are proud of our respective associations as a dealer for over 1000 after market part manufactures to meet all your vehicles needs.
Our Services we provide are :

Exhaust System upgrades
Transmission Services/repairs (Stock to race)
Engine removal and Installation
Disc Brake conversion kit
Engine Rebuilds
Wiring Harness installations                                          
Differential Work
Oil Changes
Performance upgrades
Chassis and Suspensions upgrades
Performance Tune Ups
Routine Maintenance

If you are planning or curently working on your Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Race Car, or just restoring a classic. Let Pro Stock Performance help you design your custom engine.
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Pro Stock Performance is NOW Carrying Autosol Polishing Products 

Autosol is known for "A Brilliant Shine Every Time". Autosol’s metal polish is the best-selling paste polish in the world. Autosol products make Do-It-Yourself projects easier for beginners and professionals alike. In addition to the full range of car care products manufactured under the AUTOSOL® brand name, we manufacture several “Original BMW” products, sold at BMW dealerships throughout the world. Autosol products are used by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen at factories in Germany, and at the Ford factory in Spain. We also manufacture car care products for Toyota, Nissan, Texaco and Shell. 


Hot Rod Corner 

Mechanic's, Collectors, and Fans of all things automotive agree that... Pro Stock carries a unique selection of Collectibles, Apparel, Home Decor, Metal Signs, and Garage Accessories. Carrying all the must haves for any hot rod hangout, Adding a custom look to any home, shop, office or garage. Creating the perfect hot rod heaven! 

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Livernois Motorsports 4.6/5.4L Cam Phaser Noise Repair Kit

For trucks with the 4.6/5.4L 3V engine this kit eliminates the most common failure or issue with these engines, the cam phaser. Cam phaser knock on the 4.6/5.4L 3V trucks is a very common problem, one that usually results in eventually failure of the cam phaser due to excessive movement. This causes the pin in the phaser to fracture the housing of the phaser, and in extreme cases the entire assembly can fail and damage the engine.

Adding this kit to a 4.6/5.4L 3V truck will help ensure that your cam phasers don’t suffer premature failure. It will eliminate any knocking noise heard from the front valve cover/timing cover area related to the phasers as well.

These solid lockouts lock the internals of the cam phaser to create a fixed gear with no moving parts and no internal mechanisms to make noise or fail. Simple in design and requiring no special tools to install, our wedge tool increases ease of installation.

Product Features:
Locks cam phasers in fully advanced position

Plug and Play Tuner

No e-mails or phone calls needed for tune

Includes:  MyCalibrator Tuner, Livernois Lockouts, OEM Quality Phaser Bolts, and Livernois Timing Chain Wedge Tool

Cam Phaser is NOT INCLUDED

*CARB E.O. Pending*

Note: Tuning is required after installation of Lockouts.


Note: Tuning is required after installing this product.



Kit Price $1050.00 + GST
If you want us to install $2195.00 + GST (also includes kit)





Located in North Edmonton, Pro stock Performance carries a full line of performance and racing parts, as well as having a full service machine shop offering everything from align honing to cylinder head polishing and porting. We also do carburetor rebuilds, differential rebuilds, and engine dyno testing, so we know what works for making horsepower. For 30 years and counting we have been serving drag racers, mud boggers, circle track racers, performance enthusiasts, and auto restorers from all over Western Canada


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